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Microsoft365 and Cloud Hosting Solutions from SDC Hosting and Support.


Microsoft365 for Business

Previously known as Office365, Microsoft365 offers a variety of productivity solutions for businesses that improve productivity and transform collaboration by streamlining business processes and provide industry-leading security.

SDC Hosting and Support will find the best Microsoft365 solution for your business, that not only meets your operational needs but also fits your budget.

Microsoft365 comes into its own when it comes to transitioning to remote working, with Office apps, advanced security and online meeting platform Microsoft Teams.

We’ll show you how Microsoft365 will benefit your business and how it can help to bring your team together and work more effectively, even when they are working from their front rooms.

  • Improve Productivity and Transform Collaboration

  • Remote Working

  • Advanced Security

  • Online Meetings with Microsoft Teams

  • Scalable Storage and Functionality

  • Unbelievable Flexibility

  • Managed or Unmanaged Solution

  • Fixed Monthly Costs

Cloud Services

Cloud hosting as an alternative to in-house servers is a viable solution for most SMEs as it offers more scalable storage and functionality as well as flexibility (ideal for business growth or seasonal fluctuations).

Negating the need for upfront expenditure on hardware and software and offering the comfort of fixed monthly costs, cloud hosting means you can relax, safe in the knowledge that the experts at SDC are taking care of your data.

We supply managed or unmanaged cloud solution to fit your needs with a range of operating systems available.

Call us today to find out how we can save you money and make your business more resilient.

Dedicated Servers and Colocation Services

SDC Hosting and Support can supply both dedicated servers and colocation servers as rental services. With our supplier partnerships, we are able to order, setup, manage and host servers to suit your needs, so don’t hesitate to get in touch to find out how we can help you.

Dedicated servers

By renting a dedicated server you have sole access to the server which we manage, backup and provide ongoing support for.

Best for organisations requiring significant processing power without the outlay of purchasing and housing your own servers.

Colocation servers

The difference between colocation and dedicated servers is that you provide the server and rent the space to house it in our data centre.

We can manage the server for you, or your engineers can access the data centre whenever needed for maintenance.

Best for organisations seeking the increased connectivity, scalability and security that may be cost-prohibitive to have in-house.

  • Dedicated Server Rental

  • Dedicated Server Setup

  • Colocation Servers

  • Increased Connectivity, Scalability and Security


Web Hosting

Web hosting for Windows and Linux

We offer website hosting solutions across Windows and Linux operating systems. Contact us today to talk about how SDC can deliver value and performance for the specific requirements of your project.