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IT Support and Hosting Solutions for resilient business and personal computing

As we change the way we work and communicate with our stakeholders, one-stop, turnkey IT support, telephony and connectivity services are critical to business success.    

We understand the cost of downtime to your business and the difficulties having numerous IT and telephony providers can cause when a problem arises. From outages and equipment failure to cyber-crime and data loss, the impact can be time consuming, expensive and damaging to your brand reputation. We also know how easy it is to assume that your personal IT knowledge will be sufficient to resolve any issues. But did YOU know that: 

  • Ransomware attacks cause an average of 16.2 days of downtime 
  • 60 million working hours were lost by UK businesses in 2018 as a result of internet downtime 
  • Working from home increases the risk of hacking incidents and data breaches 
  • Tech issues usually take longer to resolve and are therefore more costly as a result of remote working
  • Only 16% of UK businesses have formal cyber security incident management processes in place. 

Whether it’s increased connectivity, efficiency, security or disaster recovery, safe data storage and hosting, or personal, accessible, local IT support and expertise, SDC can bring resilience and support to your business. 

Has your business structure changed in 2020?

Whether changes are temporary, long-term or permanent, you have probably had to make changes to the way your employees operate as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Although homeworking has proven to be effective and has often resulted in increased productivity, many businesses have found managing IT to be very challenging.

At SDC we can support your business and your remote workers, build or enhance a secure network and provide you with the technical support and appropriate hardware and software to maximise the efficiency and impact of homeworking. 

Why SDC Hosting and Support?

Located on Colchester Business Park we are able to support our clients with a variety of services including IT support and services, hosting and cloud solutions, telephony and connectivity. For local businesses we are ideally situated for a fast response to attend your premises when needed and because we offer both individual services and a turnkey solution to your IT, connectivity and data storage requirements we can provide an end-to-end service that ensures your business is resilient and prepared for fast disaster recovery with minimum downtime to affect productivity. 

Whatever the size of your business, we are confident that we can bring value to your business through increased connectivity and improved IT services.

How resilient are you if disaster strikes?

It doesn’t matter how big your company is or what you do, technology plays a part in your business. Whether it’s record keeping, order taking, payment processes or automated services if you lose access to your IT systems, parts of your business are likely to grind to a halt. That downtime costs you money, and the longer it lasts, the worse the effect.

You should have disaster recovery plans in place to minimise the length of time it takes to return to normal service, covering a variety of disaster scenarios. If your IT, telephony and connectivity services are managed by a variety of providers it may take longer to get them working together to resolve issues. Likewise, if your IT support is carried out in-house by an unqualified member of staff it may prove beyond their capabilities, taking an excessive length of time to realise this and then find an available expert to sort the issue. 

At SDC we can be available to assist you immediately and if we’re your telephony and connectivity service provider, we can resolve problems even quicker. 

Don’t wait for disaster to strike, be ready with SDC.  

The SDC data centre is the first to be opened in this area and we are delighted to be able to offer our customers secure storage within our local Essex data centre. The issues surrounding non-localised data storage are well documented and the fines associated with non GDPR compliance can be crippling to smaller businesses (the need for GDPR compliance remains in a UK localised format after Brexit).              

Unless you’re storing data on your own premises (which brings its own disadvantages), it’s important to ascertain exactly where your data will be stored and who will have access to it. By keeping it in the UK, and better still in your local vicinity, you have all the security benefits of remote storage without any of the worries.  

If you’d like the peace of mind having your data stored locally brings get in touch with SDC today.