IT Support from £10 per user per month

SDC Hosting & Support provides Industry Leading IT Support.


Why SDC for IT support?

Your local IT helpdesk

Based at Colchester Business Park we are able to support our clients with IT support delivered by our industry experts. For local businesses in and around Colchester and Essex, we are ideally situated for a fast response to attend your premises when needed to ensure your business is resilient and prepared for fast disaster recovery with minimum downtime to affect productivity.

Have the peace of mind that IT support is just a call or click away and call SDC today to find out more.

How capable are your existing IT support provisions?

How long can your business stay operational without access to your IT services?

From costly downtime as a result of outages to the dreaded malware, how prepared are you to get issues resolved with the minimum impact on profits and productivity?

With increased homeworking resulting in more cybercrime and longer resolution times for general IT issues, is it cost effective for you to have a dedicated IT support in-house, or is it time to outsource?

What IT support services do you need?

Ad-hoc and contract IT support

We understand that every business is different and levels of IT expertise amongst your personnel varies, a fact that has been regularly highlighted in the adoption of increased remote working.

We also appreciate that budgets vary and that is why we offer our IT support on both an ad-hoc and contract basis. For a reasonable monthly subscription, your organisation will have access to SDC expertise via the telephone, email or in person, whichever suits you best.

We’re confident that the reduction in downtime and removing the need for staff to be diverted to IT support tasks will quickly demonstrate an excellent return on investment.


Remote Monitoring and Management Software & Tools

Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) uses software to track, monitor and remotely manage specified areas of your network/system.

Any issues or breakdowns will be flagged to SDC so we can resolve them and through regular monitoring reports we proactively identify potential problems and fix them before they escalate and cause negative impact to productivity.

In simple terms, we’ll be busy in the background looking after your IT systems so you can concentrate on doing what you do best without worrying about IT slowing things down.

Because prevention is always better than cure, call us today to talk about how a bespoke Remote Monitoring and Management package from SDC could support your business.

  • Track, Monitor and Remotely Manage

  • Flagged Breakdowns

  • Monitoring Reports

  • Negative Impact to Productivity

  • Managed Antivirus

  • Desktop, Tablet and Mobile

  • Cloud Based Protection

  • Windows, Mac, Android or Linux

Antivirus & Antimalware

With increased remote working and the inevitable vulnerability it brings, it is vital that businesses ensure their staff are aware of the risks and impact of viruses and malware.

From a resilience perspective, investing in high-end quality antivirus software is imperative.

We’ve done the hard work for you in researching the best value for money options and our chosen antivirus solution provider, ESET, enables us to protect a range of devices from both Viruses and Malware.

Let us talk you through the range of ESET antivirus and security products to find the best security solution for your IT systems.